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İstanbul Geneli Hızlı Koşu Bandı Servisi

İstanbul Geneli Hızlı Koşu Bandı Servisi

Ev ve Spor Salonlarına İstanbul Dahilinde Koşu bantları / Spor Aletleriniz için Yerinde Teknik Servis Hizmeti. Periyodik Bakım, Onarım , Yedek Parça değişimleri "Hızlı ve Alternatif Çözümler"

Koşu Bandı Yedek Parçaları

Koşu Bandı Yedek Parçaları

Türkiyenin Her Noktasına Kargoyla Gönderi ! Koşu Bandı Paleti Koşu Bandı Zemini Koşu Bandı Emniyet Anahtarı Koşu Bandı Motor Kayışı

İşletme Maliyetlerinizi Düşürün !

İşletme Maliyetlerinizi Düşürün !

X2PLUSDECK® Özel üretim İthal Koşu Bandı Zemin ve Bantlarıyla 2 Kat Uzun Ömür

Spor Aletleri Yedek Parçaları

Spor Aletleri Yedek Parçaları

Türkiyenin Her Noktasına Kargoyla Gönderi ! Ağırlık İstasyonu Halatı ve Kayışları,Kondisyon Bisikleti Kayışları,Elektrik Kabloları,Koşu Bandı Yedek Parçaları

Spor Aletleri Montaj Sökme ve Taşıma

Spor Aletleri Montaj Sökme ve Taşıma

Koşu Bandı, Ağırlık İstasyonu vb gibi Profesyonel ve Ev Tipi Cihazlarınız için Yeni Cihazların kurulumu,Yer ve Adres Değişimi için sökme ve montaj hizmetleri

Treadmill Service Repair & Care

            For Your Home and Professional Treadmills only within Istanbul Shuttle service is provided.

out of Istanbulonly Gyms Technical service can be provided from Istanbul.

            Treadmill Spare Partswithin our stockTo Every Point of Turkey We send by cargo.


'' Telephone and Address Information of Technical Services outside Istanbul are NOT REGISTERED with us! "Please do not request. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


  • Treadmill Spare Part replacements and Repair and Maintenance services are carried out at the address where the device is located.

  • Spare parts that need repair and maintenance are taken to the service station and completed within 7 working days in principle.

  • Replaced spare parts and workmanship are under our warranty, and a document is issued for each process performed.

  • Damage detection cannot be done on the phone based on the fault codes (such as E1, E2, E3, E6, E7) that appear on the treadmill screen. Each fault code may represent more than one part.


Before reaching us Technical Service working system and our Policies Please review our page.



Treadmill Maintenance


                We can evaluate Treadmill maintenance under two main headings: Maintenance that must be done by the User and Technical Service Maintenance.


Treadmill User Maintenance 


             The most important maintenance that must be done by the user on the Treadmill is lubrication maintenance. Treadmill Oil applied on the ground under the Treadmill belt / Track protects the entire system by ensuring more comfortable operation of the device. This maintenance must be done periodically (on average every 10 hours of use). It directly affects the Motor, Driver Board, Belt and Floor parts of the Belt. If the oil is not used, the life of all parts will decrease and the Treadmill will malfunction.

             You can lubricate your new Treadmill 3-5 times with the liquid oil that comes in a small bottle.Treadmill Oil You must continue maintenance by purchasing it.


Treadmill Technical Service Maintenance


    For your Home Type Treadmill, it is recommended that you have your treadmill maintained in the periods specified below.


          Active Use (4 hours or more per week  )   Once in 12 Months 

          Low Use (3 hours or less per week)             Once in 18 Months

          Passive Use (2 hours or less per week)          Once in 24 Months


For Professional Type Treadmills;

        Hall Type public use areas   Once in 6 Months

        Individual Use  Once in 12 Months 




How to tell when Treadmill Belts / Track needs to be changed  

Treadmill Track / Belt Change Video 


Specially produced, long-lasting imported floors for Indoor Treadmills         X2PLUSDECK® 



Sports Equipment & Treadmill Assembly - Disassembly 


New Treadmill & Sports Equipment Assembly  (Installation)             


               The Treadmill or Sports Equipment you just bought (such as Weight Station, Exercise Bike, etc.)within Istanbul We perform the initial installation and provide the necessary information about its use and maintenance.

               Different installation fees apply depending on the district you are in and the brand of your device.

 Please Contact Us. 


Current Treadmill & Sports Equipment Disassembly  (Disassembly)


           Since Treadmills and Gym Equipment are large volume devices, it is almost impossible to move them from room to room or to another address without disassembling them. Most Treadmills and Gym Equipment do not pass through apartment and room doors in their assembled state. We disassemble your devices and make them ready for transportation within Istanbul.

            We provide services throughout Turkey, based in Istanbul, for Professional Treadmills and Sports Equipment (Weight Stations, 3 and 4 weight stations, Elliptical Bicycles, isotonic devices, cardio groups, etc.). We provide this service with an amount of prepayment (deposit). ) we give it with. By sending us the Brand and Model List of your devicesYou can get an offer from us. 









treadmill service
Treadmill Maintenance
Treadmill Assembly

We Can Buy Your Defective Treadmill.
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