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Sports Equipment & Treadmill Assembly - Disassembly 


New Treadmill & Sports Equipment Installation  (Installation)             


               The Treadmill or Sports Equipment you just bought (such as Weight Station, Exercise Bike, etc.)within Istanbul We perform the initial installation and provide the necessary information about its use and maintenance.

               Different installation fees apply depending on the district you are in and the brand of your device.

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Current Treadmill & Sports Equipment Disassembly  (Disassembly)


          Since Treadmills and Gym Equipment are large-volume devices, it is almost impossible to move them from room to room or to another address without disassembling them. Most Treadmills and Gym Equipment do not pass through apartment and room doors in their assembled state. Within Istanbul, we disassemble your devices and make them ready for transportation.

            We provide services throughout Turkey, based in Istanbul, for Professional Treadmills and Sports Equipment (Weight Stations, 3 and 4 weight stations, Elliptical Bicycles, isotonic devices, cardio groups, etc.). We provide it with payment (deposit). By sending us the Brand and Model List of your devicesYou can get an offer from us. 

Treadmill Assembly
Weight Station Assembly and Disassembly

We Can Buy Your Defective Treadmill.
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