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Treadmill Motor Belt

What is a Treadmill Motor Belt?

           Circular motion of the Treadmill MotorTo the front roller It is a channeled rubber part that allows the belt to rotate by transferring it. Since it is a wear part, it is natural for its channels to deteriorate or loosen depending on use.


How do we know if the Treadmill Motor Belt is broken?

            If the channels of the Treadmill Motor Belt are damaged, knocking sounds will be heard from the device. Using the device in this waytreadmill motoru AndTreadmill roller / RollerDeteriorated bearings (knocking noises will increase) may damage the electronic system of the device by making rotation difficult. The Treadmill Motor belt should be checked by the Technical Service during annual periodic device maintenance and should be replaced when necessary.


Treadmill Motor Belt Order:

           You can get Motor Belts for all brands of Professional and Home Treadmills from us. We ship them to every point in Turkey.

         Before placing an order, it will be sufficient to send us the Brand - Model of your Treadmill or the numbers written in white on the old belt along with the number of channels. If the numbers have been deleted, you will need to clearly measure the width and length of the Motor Belt.


Sample Numbers Written on the Treadmill Motor Belt:


The letters and numbers written on the Treadmill Motor belt represent the size of the belt. These dimensions may be different for each brand and model of treadmill.


170J ,180J , 190J , 200J , 210J , 220J , 230J , 240J , 250J , 260J , 280J , 300J,310J,320J , 330J , 340J , 360J , 380 J, 400J


PJ430 , PJ457 , PJ483 , PJ508 ,PJ532, PJ559 , PJ584 , PJ610 , PJ660 , PJ711 , PJ762,PJ813 , PJ838 , PJ864 , PJ914 , PJ965 , PJ1016






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