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Treadmill Roller / Roller

What is a Treadmill Roller?


                Treadmill Track/Belt It is a total of two cylindrical parts in each device, one at the front and one at the back of the device that allows it to rotate. Thanks to the belt pulley located only on the front roller, it transmits the movement coming from the Treadmill Motor. Treadmill Motor Belt Provides with.


Why Does the Treadmill Roller/Roller Fail?

.             There are four bearings in total, two in each cylinder. Bearings are wear parts that support circular motion and have a certain lifespan.

Deterioration of roller bearings will create rattling or metal-to-metal sounds. If the device is used in this way, deteriorated bearings will make rotation difficult.Running Tape to Driver Card or To Treadmill Motor it will cause damage. The device should not be used and service should be obtained.



Reasons for Treadmill Roller/Roller Deterioration: 

  • Completion of usage hours/life

  • If continued use with a Motor Belt with damaged grooves causes vibration (shaking).

  • If excessive tension of the treadmill Track / Belt creates excessive load on the bearing

  • If excessive tension of the Treadmill Motor Belt creates excessive load on the bearing

  • A bearing that was previously placed in the bearing housing by an incorrect method.

  • If the roller is not balanced after the bearing assembly

  • Improperly positioned engine or engine belt


Can Treadmill Roller / Roller be Repaired?


       Repair of the cylinders is possible. The bearings inside the cylinders need to be taken to the Service Station and, if necessary, the bearings must be replaced and balanced. They will work at the same performance as the first day.







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