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Treadmill Screen

What is a Treadmill Screen? 


                On the Treadmill, it is basically the panel where the speed and incline (ramp walking) settings are controlled with the buttons. The distance traveled, time worked, pulse, speed can be controlled and adjusted simultaneously on the Treadmill screen. Target time, target distance, etc. .

More advanced models have ready-made workout programs and their control keys. Such as fat burning program, Cardio program, running program. The Treadmill automatically adjusts its speed and incline separately or both according to the selected program.


Why Does the Treadmill Screen Break?


  • The most common types of malfunctions in Professional Treadmill Screens are wear and deterioration of soft keys (Touch Keys) due to use, and deformation of sticker coatings.

  • Treadmill Belt / Track Static electricity formations due to aging cause electronic circuits on the screen to short circuit and break down.

  • Voltage changes, Power Outages.

  • Liquid Contact


Can the Treadmill Screen be Repaired?


   It varies depending on the condition of the fault. In general, repairs are possible.

  • Soft (Touch) keys repairs / Modified long use without any problems

  • Software malfunctions

  • Electronic malfunctions

  • Complete replacement / production of sticker coating




Treadmill Screen Electronic Repair

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