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Treadmill Floor (Board)

Treadmill Floor
X2PLUSDECK® Treadmill Floors '"2X Longer Life"
X2PLUSDECK® Treadmill Floors '"2X Longer Life"



What is a Treadmill Floor? 


            Treadmill FloorTreadmill Belt /Track It is the platform that carries the user underneath. It is generally produced from MDF (Wood) Type Materials, and the coating on it (the surface on which the tape rubs) is a special coating that is slippery, smooth, high friction and heat resistant.

            It is also called Treadmill Floor, Treadmill Board, Treadmill Platform.


Why Does Treadmill Floor Wear? 


           The reason why the treadmill floor is produced from wood type materials is that it is flexible. This flexibility minimizes the pressure on the joints of the person using the treadmill. Over time, as the used treadmill and the flexible floor wear out, it breaks and collapses or its slippery coating wears out. These abrasions and Wear and tear also causes the inner part of the rubber track/belt to wear out. Therefore, both parts (Treadmill Floor and Belt) must be replaced in order for the System to operate smoothly and not to damage the Motor and Electronic system.

            Treadmill Oil Lubrication and maintenance is the maintenance that must be done periodically by the user to minimize the friction between these two parts and protect the entire system. Failure to lubricate and use of the wrong oil further accelerates this wear, causing strain on the device and its follow-up.Treadmill Driver Card  and  Treadmill  MotorIt will cause it to deteriorate.


Treadmill Floor /Board Change Request and Order: 


            You can get any brand of professional and home treadmill floor from us. While we can send it to every point of Turkey by cargo, technical service is provided throughout Istanbul and on-site replacement is carried out with warranty and certification.


           Before calling us, please note the brand and model of your treadmill.

           For unlabeled devices whose brand and model are unknown, prepare the length, width and thickness measurements of the old floor.


Floor (Wood) Requests for Home Type Treadmills from Outside Istanbul;  


          Unfortunately, we cannot provide service for home type (devices for individual use) outside of Istanbul. We can send the floor by cargo. However, you will need to find a Technical team in your region for replacement. If you think you can replace the floor yourself, the Treadmill Floor (Board) replacement guide and video are for you. It will help.



Floor (Wood) Requests for Professional Treadmill Outside Istanbul;


          For your requests to replace more than one Professional Treadmill  Floor for places such as Commercial Business, Club, Gym, Social Facility, Hospital, Hotel, Public, etc., service is provided with Guaranteed and Documented service from Istanbul.

We provide this service with an invoiced prepayment (deposit).

Take a look at our references


Please get an offer from us by specifying the brand and model of your Professional Treadmills.   

          If you think your technical team can perform floor changes. The Treadmill Floor (Board) replacement guide and video will give your team an idea.


2 Layer Reinforced specially produced imported Treadmill Floors for Professional Treadmills


  X2PLUSDECK® "Reduce Operating Costs With Treadmill Floors"


             Especially on the floors of Professional Treadmills that are subjected to intensive use, rather than breaking, the slippery coating on them wears off. These abrasions damage the friction (Comfortable Gliding) feature of the treadmill by damaging the inner part of the treadmill's pallet/belt. These abrasions, which put a lot of strain on the Treadmill, It causes the engine and electronic system to malfunction.


           Specially produced for all brands of Professional Treadmills  X2PLUSDECK® Thanks to their special imported coatings, the floors last up to 2 times longer than the original floors and ensure that the system operates with the least risk. 


The choice of many of our corporate customers  X2PLUSDECK®  Its floors have been used in Hotels, Fitness Halls, Armed Forces, Public Institutions and Organizations throughout Turkey for years. Check out our references


  X2PLUSDECK® Running band for floorsTreadmill Bands/Tracks


  X2PLUSDECK®For Treadmill Floor and BeltsTreadmill Lubricants



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