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Treadmill Incline Motor

What is a Treadmill Incline Motor?


            It is the motor that enables walking uphill by lowering the front or back of the Treadmill up or down. This Motor (feature) may not be available on every treadmill. The incline motor works on the principle of a worm gear. 


Why Does the Treadmill Incline Motor Burn/Broke? 

          The Incline motor, which generally does not malfunction very often, may malfunction in a few cases.

In cases of malfunction, it may give error codes such as E7 - E6  - E5. These error codes may vary depending on the Treadmill Brand.


  • Operating the incline motor continuously up and down

  • Not using the Tilt Motor for a long time

  • It may malfunction in cases such as dropping the Treadmill on the ground while being transported.

  • Liquid Contact


Can the Treadmill Incline Motor be Repaired?

              In general, repair and maintenance is possible. There are areas that need to be lubricated during maintenance.Treadmill driver Card andTreadmill Screen Calibration settings may be required for compatible operation.




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