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Treadmill Driver Card 

What is Treadmill Driver Card / Inverter? 


                 The Treadmill driver Card is the Electronic circuit that controls the Treadmill Motor and the Treadmill Incline Motor. It is also called Inverter driver in Professional Treadmills. 

                 These electronic cards, also known as AC Motor Driver and DC Motor Driver, are also popularly called Treadmill Brain.

                In cases of malfunction, it may give error codes such as E1 - E2 - E3 - E4 - E5 -E6 - E7  . These error codes may vary depending on the Treadmill Brand.


Why Does the Treadmill Driver Card / Inverter Fail?


  • Every Treadmill has a carrying capacity when this capacity is exceeded.

  • For Home Treadmills: 60 to 120 minutes, depending on engine power. Continuous use without stopping 

  • Obsolete  Treadmill Belt/Track and Treadmill FloorUse with  

  • Treadmill OilNot using the oil, using the wrong oil, not complying with the lubrication period

  • Corrupted Treadmill Roller / Rolleruse with

  • An object that prevents the treadmill from rotating gets stuck in between the belt and prevents rotation.

  • Liquid Contact



Can the Treadmill Driver Card be Repaired? 


               Driver cards, which can generally be repaired, can work with the performance of the first day. Before repairing the Driver Card, the cause of the malfunction must be investigated. All other parts of the Treadmill that may affect the driver card must be checked meticulously. Otherwise, it is inevitable for the Driver card to fail again.

Treadmill Electronic Card - Treadmill Brain
Treadmill Ac Motor Drive

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