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Treadmill Floor Wedge

What is a Treadmill Floor Wedge and what does it do?


           Treadmill Wedge,Treadmill FloorThese are rubber parts mounted symmetrically on the left and right under the long edges of the .

             It allows the floor to flex with each step to reduce the pressure on the Treadmill User's joints.


Will the Treadmill Floor Wedge Fail?


             It will take many years for them to deteriorate and not wear out. If they wear out, they are dismantled and replaced with new ones.


Ordering Treadmill Floor Blocks


              You can get any brand and model of treadmill wedge from us. Before ordering, please take note of the Brand and Model of your device or prepare the width, length and width measurements of the old wedge.

             We ship to every point in Turkey by cargo. You can get stock and price information by calling 0212 477 42 32.





Treadmill Floor Wedges
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