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Treadmill Track/Belt/Belt


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What is a Treadmill Track/Belt?


           It is the rubber wear part on the Treadmill that the user walks on, with a rubber/pvc front side and a textile back part. It may have different patterns and thicknesses in each brand of treadmill, and directly affects the Electronic System and Motor,important for the smooth operation of the system it is a wear part.

           It is also called Treadmill Track, Treadmill Belt, Treadmill Belt, Treadmill Tire, Treadmill Belt. 




How do we know when the treadmill belt / track needs to be changed?


          If you encounter one or more of the following items, your belt must be replaced. A belt/pallet that is worn out and has lost its comfortable friction feature directly affects and damages the Treadmill Motor and the Treadmill driver board.


  • Presence of peeling and cottoning on the sides of the tape

  • Even though the band setting is made for the band to run in the middle, the band continues to shift to the right and left.

  • When you oil the Treadmill treadmill oilThe adhesion of the tape to the rubber surface and the formation of stains on the surface

  • Formation of regional folds, blisters and tears in the tape

  • The stitches at the joint of the tape begin to show

  • During use, you may be electrocuted by low current static electricity from any grip point of the treadmill (a type of shock frequently encountered in car doors).

  • Maximum 3 Years for actively used devices, Maximum 5 Years for unused devices.

  • The most used part of the Treadmill Belt is the middle areas. Make a comparison by walking on the sides and in the middle of the belt. If there is a more fluid rotation while walking on the sides but there is difficulty in walking in the middle, it indicates that the Belt has lost its friction feature. The belt / track should be replaced immediately as it will directly affect the Electronic System and Motor.

  • If the tape is used dry without lubrication for 60 hours or more (This article covers household devices)


Treadmill Belt / Track Replacement Request and Order: 


            You can get any brand of professional and home type treadmill pallets / belts from us. While we can send them to every point of Turkey by cargo, technical service is provided throughout Istanbul and on-site replacement is carried out with warranty and certification.


           Before calling us, please note the brand and model of your treadmill.

           For your unlabeled devices whose brand and model are unknown, prepare the length and width measurements of your old tape.Tape measure removal


Belt/Pallet Requests for Home Type Treadmills from Outside Istanbul;  


          Unfortunately, we cannot provide service for home use (devices for individual use) outside of Istanbul. We can send the tape by cargo. However, you will need to find a Technical team in your region for replacement. If you think you can replace the tape yourself.Treadmill belt change video will help you.


Bulk Belt/Pallet Requests for Professional Treadmills Outside Istanbul;


          For your requests for replacement of multiple Professional Treadmills for places such as Commercial Enterprises, Clubs, Gyms, Social Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Public Etc., we provide guaranteed and certified service from Istanbul.

We provide this service with an invoiced prepayment (deposit) if necessary.Take a look at our references


Please specify the brand and model of your professional treadmills.Get the offer from us.   

          If you think your technical team can perform Belt Changes. Treadmill Belt/Pallet change guide and video will give your team an idea.

How to Change Treadmill Belt / Track? Video

       You can get ideas from the video below to change the Belt / Track of your Treadmill. Remember that the change may be different for each Brand and Model of Treadmill. However, the logical order is generally the same.





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