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Treadmill Maintenance

We can evaluate Treadmill maintenance under two main headings: Maintenance that must be done by the User and Technical Service Maintenance.


Treadmill User Maintenance 

             The most important maintenance that must be done by the user on the Treadmill is lubrication maintenance. Treadmill Oil applied on the ground under the Treadmill belt / Track protects the entire system by ensuring more comfortable operation of the device. This maintenance must be done periodically (on average every 10 hours of use). It directly affects the Motor, Driver Card, Belt and Floor parts of the Treadmill. If the oil is not used, the life of all parts will decrease and the Treadmill will malfunction.

             You can lubricate your new treadmill 3-5 times with the liquid oil that comes in a small bottle inside the treadmill.Treadmill Oil You must continue maintenance by purchasing it.


Treadmill Technical Service Maintenance


    For your Home Type Treadmill, it is recommended that you have your treadmill maintained in the periods specified below.


          Active Use (4 hours or more per week  )   Once in 12 Months 

            Low Use (3 hours or less per week)            Once in 18 Months

            Passive Use (2 hours or less per week)          Once in 24 Months


For Professional Type Treadmills;

        Hall Type public use areas   Once in 6 Months

          Individual Use  Once in 12 Months 



How to understand that the treadmill belt / track needs to be changed?

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Treadmill Technical Service
Treadmill Lubrication

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