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Treadmill Electrical / Power Cord 

Treadmill Power Cable - Energy Cable

What is a Treadmill Electrical / Power Cord?


                 It is the electricity transmission cable that is plugged into the city network line, allowing the treadmill to work. Generally, the side that is attached to the treadmill has a socket and is pluggable. It is a cable with different features depending on the power of the Electronic and Motor system of the Treadmill. It is also known as Power Cable and Power Cable. .

If it is to be used with another Intermediate Cable, the Intermediate cable must be TSE certified and must not exceed 3 m.


Ordering Treadmill Electrical/Power Cable


               You can obtain the Electrical / Power cable for every brand and model of treadmill from us.

We ship to every point of Turkey by cargo.

You can order by calling 0212 477 42 32 and specifying the Brand and Model of your Treadmill.


We Can Buy Your Defective Treadmill.
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