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Treadmill Sensor/Reader

What is a Treadmill Sensor / Reader and what does it do?


          The Treadmill Sensor is the part that controls the Speed of the Treadmill, located on the Motor propeller or opposite the side surface of the Front Treadmill Roller. When the Treadmill Sensor is broken, it may give error codes such as E1, E2,  E3. These error codes may vary depending on the Treadmill Brand. Speed Sensor may not be found on every treadmill.

           It is also called Treadmill Speed Sensor, Treadmill reader, Treadmill Speed reader.


Why does the Treadmill Sensor / Reader fail?

  • Stepping on the Treadmill Motor top cover while walking (External impact)

  • Malfunction caused by motor driver board

  • Incorrectly positioned Treadmill sensor


Can the Treadmill Sensor / Reader be Repaired?


          Some types of Treadmill Speed Sensor can be repaired. Others need to be replaced with new ones.


Ordering a Treadmill Sensor / Reader 


         You can get the Speed Sensor for every brand and model of treadmill from us. We ship it to every point in Turkey. You can get stock and price information by calling 0212 477 42 32.


Treadmill Speed Reader Sensor
Treadmill Speed Reader, Sensor

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