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Turner Treadmill Repair and Maintenance Service

Turner Technical Service 
Our Service and Fee Policies


You can only buy Turner Brand Treadmills and Gym Equipment from Istanbul Technical service is provided within.


Turner Service Istanbul Service - Maintenance Fees



Turner Treadmill Spare Parts / Sports Equipment Spare Parts


Turner Treadmill and Sport Equipment Spare Parts are in stock to every point of Turkey We send it by courier.


Treadmill Oil/Spray

Treadmill Safety Switch

Treadmill Track / Belt / Belt / Tire

Treadmill Floor / Board

Treadmill Motor Belt/Tire

Treadmill Electric cable / Power Cable

Treadmill Sensor/Reader

Turner Treadmill Models


  • 7000

  • 006S


  • XT950 PRO

  • XT955 PRO

  • 955PRO






We Can Buy Your Defective Treadmill.
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