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Treadmill Oil 

Imported and high quality Treadmill oils that you can use safely in all brands.

80% of Treadmill Malfunctions occur due to lack of oil or using the wrong oils. 

Provides 3 times more effective lubrication than spray products! " Lubricate your Treadmill Extend its life"

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The Importance of Treadmill Lubrication Maintenance

Lubricating your treadmill is very important for the Electronic and Mechanical mechanism as it will reduce friction. Lubricating the Treadmill regularly will prevent malfunctions.

Did you know that treadmill malfunctions are generally caused by lack of lubrication or the use of oils produced for different purposes?

To get full performance from your treadmill, do not neglect the maintenance of liquid oil, which is a special alloy.


How and When Should the Treadmill Be Lubricated?

While the treadmill is in the stop position, the rubber/pallet part of the treadmill is stretched upwards and squeezed into a thin strip on the ground for approximately 50 cm. The maintenance is completed by repeating the same process on the other side. At the end of the lubrication maintenance, turn the device on and walk on it for 1 minute to spread the oil. .Repeat maintenance every 15 hours of use.


Why Should You Use Liquid Oil?   

A thinning agent is added to the oil in order for the oils produced as sprays to spray out. This shortens the interaction time of the oil. The   The ratio of pure oil is quite low. However, liquid oil is thick and additive-free, providing complete and long-term lubrication. Spray products may also cause inhalation of the chemicals in them during application. There is no such danger in liquid oil. In addition, spray products do not spread around (the floor of the venue and running surfaces) during application. It carries the risk of spreading to the band's side cheetahs) and may cause falls. Liquid oil  is healthy, safe and economical.


Check once a year

It would be in your interest to have your actively used treadmill checked by the service once a year. The check-up and necessary settings made by the service will enable you to benefit from your device longer and without any problems.

How to lubricate the treadmill?
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